Studio Services

We offer several different kinds of personal training. Our training philosophy is based on women over 40 having different fitness needs than younger women. Exercise doesn't have to be complicated or trendy to be effective. Basic strength training with a strong focus on proper form education is the foundation of our program design. 


Shared Training

Personalized 45-minute workouts with 2-3 other women who have similar goals.  The perfect way to help each other through a workout! Price quoted is per person

• Once/week $155 monthly*

• Twice/week $295 monthly*

*Automatic Payment Withdrawal


Private Training


Highly personalized. You and your trainer.  These 30-minute sessions will be designed with your specific goals in mind.  Perfect for those who aren't ready or don't want to train with other people. 

• Twice/week $400 monthly*

*Automatic Payment Withdrawal


Hybrid Basic Training

Hybrid Training combines in-person training with online personal training. This new option is perfect for those who need additional accountability or support. This option includes the following:

• 4 In-person, private 30-minute sessions/month ($200 value)

• One nutrition/coaching session/week ($200 value)

• Online Personal Training ($49 value)

Price: $325/month*

*Automatic Payment Withdrawal

We'd love to meet you at the studio for a quick tour and chat to learn more about you and your goals. This is a no-pressure, casual meeting. To schedule a tour, please click on the button below and choose the first option, "Consultation." Fill out the short form and you will be contacted on the day/time you select.