Services & Fees

fabYOUlous fitness offers private, shared or corrective exercise personal training for women over 40. All in-person training takes place at Clear Rock Fitness in Westerville. Clear Rock Fitness is a private, intimidation-free personal training studio.

PRIVATE TRAINING                                                                           $895/10 sessions

Highly personalized. You and your trainer.  Sessions will be designed with your specific goals in mind.  Perfect for those who aren't ready or don't want to train with other people.  

SHARED PERSONAL TRAINING                                                     $365/10 sessions* 

Personalized workouts with 2-3 other women who have similar goals.  The perfect way to help each other through a workout! *Price quoted is per person

CORRECTIVE EXERCISE                                                                   $895/10 sessions

Evaluation to identify muscle weaknesses and imbalances + 10 sessions to work on correcting the issues found. These are individual sessions so that the focus is solely on you and your issues.

TREAD                                                                                                    $160/10 sessions

Personal training - cardio style! Tread is a group personal training session that will lead each client through a fun, heart-rate guided workout on a treadmill.