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Let's Get Consistent! Overview

First thing I want to make very clear is the following: the only person you are competing against is yourself. Our goal for you in this challenge is for you to learn how to become more consistent with exercise. Everyone who joins this challenge will be on the same path, but will likely be on a different point on that path. Below you will find details about the features of the challenge. 

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Once you sign-up, you will receive a calendar that will show an overview of the next four weeks. The calendar will include information on workouts (cardio and strength) and rest days. One of the most important aspects to learn about this calendar is that it is a guideline and it is not written in stone. If there is a day that isn't going to work for you, that's okay. You have to option to move the workout or skip it. If you skip it just make sure you pick up with your next scheduled workout, as that how consistency is built. There is no shame in skipping a workout. We are all works in progress and nobody is perfect. Simply give yourself permission to skip it and go about your day. It will be okay, I promise. 


There will be different workouts for different days of the week, though you may see a repeat once or twice over the course of your 4-week challenge. The workouts are designed so that they can be done by anyone at any fitness level by choosing different levels of difficulty. In addition to levels of difficulty, you can also choose the length of the workout. For example, if you are a beginner you would choose a shorter workout than someone who has been working out for a while. You will receive your workouts at the beginning of each week. 

*All workouts were designed by us and may not be shared without our written permission.

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Support & Inspiration

The Let's Get Consistent! Group is a private group that only those who are participating in the challenge will have access to. Please introduce yourself once you have been added to the group and feel free to share a little about yourself. This is a great place to post that you completed your daily workout, ask questions, and support others who may be struggling with workouts and/or motivation. The other women in the group will be like built-in accountability partners. It really is surprising how much motivation can come from knowing that someone is expecting us to check in once we complete our workout. 

We will also be around to answer questions and share daily inspiration and tips.