How-to immediately begin to manifest motivation with these tips

Need motivation to get started? Stop waiting and start acting. 

Have you ever gotten behind on a school assignment, work project, chores, workouts, etc? You know you need to get started, but you are waiting for the motivation to strike. You wait…and wait…and wait. But before you know it, you’re overwhelmed and really behind or have run out of time. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that the further behind I get, the harder it is to get started. 

Tips on how I manifest motivation. Some may seem silly, but they work for me. 

  1. Make a list of the individual steps, even the smallest ones or the ones you already completed, and check them off.

  2. Pick the easiest thing to do and start. That action alone will motivate you.

  3. Set a timer and commit to 5-10 minutes with no distraction.

Why do I write something down that I’ve already completed so I can check it off? Because sometimes I need that little spark of action to be recognized in order to fuel my motivation. Action inspires motivation…more action is going to mean more motivation. 

So what does this look like in action? I’ll share an example below.

Morning Workout

  1. Set clothes out the night before.

  2. Set alarm or a bunch of them.

  3. Don’t hit snooze when the alarm goes off - it makes it that much harder to get moving.

  4. Put workout clothes and shoes on right away.

  5. Potty, wash hands, and brush teeth.

  6. GO!

Don't forget to cross the tasks off as you complete them! 

PS...Don't be afraid to ask for help! 

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