What If Your #1 Excuse Disappeared?


What is the #1 excuse that is holding you back? 

I’m talking about that excuse that is keeping you from doing that thing that you can’t stop thinking about…that thing that is in your heart and in your mind. 

So - what is it? Write it down and read it out loud. Is it really true or is it merely an excuse because you’re scared. Maybe you’re afraid of failure, or maybe you feel intimidated because you think someone else is doing it better. The thing is, you’ll never know if you don’t put yourself out there. 

Imagine if that excuse that you just wrote down disappeared. Gone for good. What would that look like? You’re no longer being held back. What is that next step you need to take to get you closer to that thing that you can’t stop thinking about? It’s right in front of you. Now go do that!  Take that first step and you are on your way!

PS...Don't be afraid to ask for help!