5 Cool Facts About Exercise

Exercise is like magic. Seriously. Check out all of the cool things that exercise can do for you.

  1. Helps improve sleep.

  2. Improves productivity (especially early morning exercise).

  3. Helps prevent signs of aging.

  4. Helps sharpen your memory.

  5. Helps boost self-confidence.

I know I have felt every single one of these, though I may not have realized it until later on. As far as sleep goes, I don’t realize that exercise really helps improve my sleep until I’m not exercising and then can’t sleep. The same goes for productivity, memory, and self-confidence. These are all things that accumulate over time with consistent exercise, so the improvements may not be easy to detect. However, once that exercise consistency decreases, productivity drops for me, my memory isn’t as sharp, and my self-confidence takes a nose-dive.

Exercise really is the best medicine.