When Back Pain Isn’t Caused By A Back Problem

Tight muscles can pull the spine out of alignment creating altered movement patterns. When you have altered movement patterns your body doesn’t move the way it was intended to. This can then create more issues. It’s a vicious cycle. Some of the muscles that may be involved with causing back pain include:


  • Piriformis

  • Hamstrings

  • Hip Flexors

  • Quadriceps

  • Calves

What I believe:

  • Soft tissue (muscle) work is important

  • I’m a firm believer in chiropractic care

  • Foam rolling/massage is non-negotiable

  • Stretching is also non-negotiable

  • Good hydration and nutrition is imperative

  • Strength training and core work? You guessed it, non-negotiable if you want to live pain free.

  • Yoga is a nice bonus and does wonders for flexibility and strengthening using your own body weight.

So, if you deal with back pain, you have a choice to make. You can stay in pain, mask it by taking painkillers, steroids, etc, and accept that this is now your life OR you can take action, don’t accept shit, and take back your life! Which one are you going to choose?

Scroll down to watch a video on some of the stretches that really help loosen up my back. I do these regularly in addition to strength training.  

***Disclaimer...It may be your back...if you have UNDIAGNOSED back issues, please don’t take my word over your physician’s. I’m sharing what has worked for me and my clients, what I’ve discovered, and what I’ve learned while getting my certifications. I’m referring to chronic back pain that remains after a medical professional has been consulted and then approved exercise/movement.