How-To Get a Jump Start on the New Year

With the new year upon us, we will begin to see a plethora of ads enticing us to jump on the latest and greatest fitness plan/regimen. Shiny and new! Fitness fads. Why are we so attracted to shiny and new? What is it about January 1st that is different from the other 364 days of the year? The truth is that we have the power within us to make every day like January 1st. That power comes from the daily practice of believing that “I AM ENOUGH!” and “I AM WORTH IT!”

Instead of waiting until January 1st, consider making that move today. Take that first step outside of your comfort zone. The size of the step doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you take that step. You will head into the holiday with a new sense of empowerment. This first step looks different for everybody. For some, it may be going for a short walk when the comfy, warm couch might have otherwise won the battle. For others, it may be going back to the gym or training studio after a hiatus. 

Once you have taken that first step, you can begin to add onto it to develop a routine that works for you. You may find that you have to return to feeling somewhat uncomfortable and set some healthy boundaries to develop and keep your routine. This is normal and a part of the process. Get used to being uncomfortable. This is where the progress is made! 

The more you say “YES I CAN!” to that negative voice in your head, the less power it will have over you and the more empowered you will become and feel. Make this a daily practice and you will be surprised at how quickly that negative voice quiets down. Start small. Even those small steps count, and when you add them together, it’s a big deal. Break free of those chains that have been holding you back and discover who you are.