How-To Combat Negative Self-Talk

Hey, you! Yes, you. The one with the voice in your head telling you that you are too fat, too lazy, too old, too (fill in the blank with the negative thought of the day) - STOP IT! Letting that voice, those lies, continually beat you down is what keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle of misery. Interrupt that voice with a proclamation of truth that says, “I AM ENOUGH!” Empower your body, mind, and spirit with the knowledge and belief that you are enough. Write yourself notes (I love Post-It notes for this!), just like you would to a dear friend or loved one, and leave them all over your house, your car, your office so that you are constantly reminded that YOU ARE ENOUGH! That voice in your head that lies won’t stand a chance against all that affirmation!

Try the above suggestions for just a few days and see if that doesn’t help to get your mindset into a better place. I know that when I am in a foul mood and everything seems to be going wrong, I begin to let that voice tell me the familiar lies that I am not smart enough, good enough, etc. Changing the messages you send yourself is not easy and it takes a very conscious effort to combat those lies. But I promise you: the magic that happens is worth it.